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Individual & Group Money Coaching
Break Free From Your Old Money Patterns

Does anxiety, fear, and stress caused from money dictate your life?

How has the way you handled money matters hurt relationships with friends and family?

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do with your money? 

Does money feel like it rules your life?

If you answered any of these questions with a heavy heart, or what feels like a weight on your shoulders, Money Coaching may be right for you!


The Money Coaching Core Process is a diagnostic tool that identifies underlying, and often unknown, positive and challenging patterns, behaviors, and emotions relative to money. The Core Process includes the following:

∗ Unpacking your history with money from childhood to present day

∗ Identifying your positive and challenging patterns 

∗ Creating a money blueprint of you & your families money patterns

∗ Digesting your Money Archetypes and how they appear in your life

∗ Creating an action plan to overcome your top most challenging patterns

Find out if money coaching is for you!

1. Take the quiz...

Take the free Money type Quiz which takes less than 3 minutes! Once I review your score, we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation. 

2. Consultation

We’ll discuss your Money Types, how they might be influencing your behaviors, emotions, and decisions towards money. Lastly, I’ll provide some steps you can take to begin transforming and identifying your challenging money patterns.

3. learn the process...

Once you have gained some insight in to the hold money has on you, we’ll discuss the Money Coaching Core Process.