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Core Process
The Money Coaching Core Process is a 4-week diagnostic tool that identifies underlying, and often unknown, positive and challenging patterns, behaviors, and emotions relative to money. It includes:

  • Unpacking your history with money from childhood to the present day
  • Identifying your positive and challenging patterns
  • Creating a money blueprint of you & your families money patterns
  • Digesting your Money Archetypes and how they appear in your life
  • Creating an action plan to overcome your topmost challenging patterns
In-Depth Financial Assessment
The assessment includes 2 sessions (1.5 hr – 2 hrs each) where we conduct the following:

  • Define and prioritize your S.M.A.R.T financial goals
  • Calculate your net-worth
  • Determine your current cash flow
  • Determine your spending/savings plan integrating certain goals
  • Brainstorm possible changes to your financial habits
  • Oral recommendations about the adjustments required to achieve your goals

Following these sessions, you’ll receive:

  • 3 spreadsheets for the above mentioned financial exercises
  • A personalized expense tracking spreadsheet for you to use
Your Support Sessions
You’ll receive 2 support sessions (1hr each) to cover whatever you need: revisiting your financial goals, spending habits, reoccurring money beliefs, or other specific challenges you’re experiencing.

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How strong are your financial boundaries? Take the "Financial Boundary Assessment" to find out!

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