Sam Hayek, 2019

"Working with Claire has been nothing short of transformational. She has been a guiding light in uncovering the depths of my own psychological frameworks, within the context of personal finance. Not only has she been able to illuminate the patterns of why I believe, and behave in certain ways; she has also provided me with a toolkit for reframing my mindset. As a result, I have been able to identify and eliminate pathological thoughts, and simultaneously reinforce the positive ones. In addition to developing a healthier relationship with myself, and my personal story around money; she has also given me practical exercises and worksheets to map my finances and take control of my financial destiny. She has been a mentor and a friend, and going through her program has given me a solid foundation for understanding how money works and more importantly, how I work with money. I'm thrilled to be improving steadily, and can't recommend her enough."