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Individual Money Coaching

Individual Money Coaching is designed to explore your patterns and behaviors around money. Through the 4-step Core Process, we explore your money biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns, and how to manage those influences. Take the Money Type Quiz to find out your money influences.

The Initial Four-Step Core Process

Individual Money Coaching is designed as a positive and productive way to explore, discover, and transform your unconscious patterns and behaviors around money that keep you from being successful. Through the 4-step Core Process, we explore your Money Biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns (both positive and negative), and how to manage their influences. We then determine which of your gifts, talents, and abilities are most valuable to you and how to leverage them to achieve your highest potential. The Money Coaching Process is highly experiential and during these sessions, you will learn how you are “hardwired” around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the end of the fourth session, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin and can begin to work on your “Money Coaching Action Plan.”

Money Coaching Action Plan

Change of any kind can only take place under certain conditions. In Money Coaching, these conditions are threefold:

1. An understanding and new level of awareness of what the problem or issue is.
2. The willingness to change, which literally involves doing something different than what we’ve been doing previously.
3. Implementing new strategies and actions for change.

On-going Coaching: Support and Accountability

As your money coach, I will work with you on an on-going basis to support you and help you to stay on track and accountable to creating the changes you desire.

One of the core beliefs in Money Coaching is that awareness needs to be followed through with action in order for meaningful change to occur. I am committed to working with you on an on-going basis and consider myself a partner in your success. On-going support and coaching programs are designed for your particular need. This can be accomplished in a series of weekly online sessions to help you implement the changes you desire.


Money Coaching Circles

A Transformative Workshop to Change Your Relationship with Money

In what ways does money limit your ability to live life?

Do you spend erratically and reek the consequences later?

Does shame or anxiety  keep you from talking about your finances? 

The Money Coaching Circle focuses on enhancing your relationship with money. This process allows you to examine and understand your own relationship with money and to overcome unconscious patterns, beliefs, or behaviors that may be keeping you from fulfilling your true potential. 

If money wasn’t an obstacle, how would you live your life?

How would it feel to relieve your financial suffering?

Are you ready to claim your power and know your capabilities?

Are you ready to be a Money Magician?

This four week workshop is facilitated by Alta Felix, Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Claire Coleman, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®. 

Workshop Details:

  • Low-cost alternative to individual money coaching
  • Groups consist of four to eight people
  • Each person attends one class per week for 2 hours – Online via Zoom 
  • Cost is $450.00 per person for four weeks (compare to $600 USD for private money coaching) 

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