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Money Mindset

Uncover, understand, and transform challenging money patterns in your life.

Financial Guidance

Get your finances in order, set attainable goals, and plan for the future. 

Compassionate Coaching

I will hold the space for you to share freely without judgement. 

Work, Life, & Money, Balanced.

Sit in the drivers seat of your life. Learn how to incorporate your values with your work and money. 

Breaking Through Old Money Barriers

Does it Feel Like Money Rules Your Life?

If so, you’re not alone. Money is a core survival issue and can dictate every move of our lives. Calculating what we can and can’t afford to do each day. Experiencing constant stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

I used to be here, too.

Everyday money problems are most often symptoms of a much larger and deeply-rooted challenge. We all must put in the work to become conscious of these challenges for the greater good of ourselves and the collective. 

Are you ready to be a Money Magician?

Does money anxiety, fear, and stress keep you from reaching your goals?

Have money matters hurt your relationships?

Do you ever feel out of control with your money?

What drives your decisions, actions, and behaviors relative to money?

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

You've set goals and haven't followed through.

We all have goals for ourselves: personal, financial, and emotional. Why is it that we can stick to our plans to achieve them for a while, but end up falling off track?

This is more common than you think. A great example is when a person goes to a Financial Planner to get their finances in order and achieve their financial goals. On average, a person will stick with their plan and advisor for a few months and eventually drop off the map, not reaching their goals. What happened? The person may not even be able to understand why they couldn’t follow through. 

This is where Money Coaching comes in. Discoover what is creating self-sabotaging tendencies, discover the hidden beliefs we hold that keep us from reaching our goals. We must start with our relationship with money before we can work on achieving our goals. 

You have chronic money fear, stress, and anxiety.

Money is a core survival issue for humans. We need it to survive. Our primal instinct when we feel there is a threat to our survival is to fight, run, or freeze. Our nervous system instantly kicks in pumping adrenaline and cortisol through us. 

With money, the adrenaline and cortisol rush occurs more often than not. If you feel constantly stressed, fearful, anxious, or overwhelmed with money, Money Coaching is right for you. Learning how to conquer your reactions towards money matters is the most important step you can take. We cannot make rational decisions out of fear. Let me help you uncover where the fear or overwhelm is stemming from and how to manage it all so you can make thoughtful, researched, and rational decisions when it comes to your money, 

You don't make your needs a priority.

It’s easy to get swept up in helping as many people as we can, in all areas of life including money. Some of us had to grow up quickly at a very young age and some of us are natural empaths. Whatever your story is, if you give everything you have (time, energy, money) to others around you and have little left in the end for you, Money Coaching is the right fit for you. 

If your oxygen is going towards other people in life, there is very left for you. How can you achieve your own goals if there is very little oxygen left over for yourself? Learn how to open your container for receiving. Not only receiving care from others but what you need and desire from the Universe. Give to yourself to show the world that you are open, ready, and happy to receive money in return. If this is your outlook and mantra, it will come. 

You have a scarcity mindset.

Let’s say you have one slice of pie left and there are many people who want it. You decide that you are going to have that last slice because there will not be any more pie if someone else gets it, and you’ll never get the opportunity to have a slice for a while. So you eat it. 

This is an example of a scarcity mindset. Believing that there will never be enough (money, opportunities, etc). 

If this sounds anything like your approach to money, work, or life, Money Coaching is right for you. Let’s figure out where these thought patterns developed, how they’ve impacted your life in the past, and how it may not serve you in the future.

Let me help you identify the cause, and provide practical and behavioral steps to altering that scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset. 

You don't know where your money goes.

Once we get a paycheck, it’s not uncommon for that money to disappear in an instant! Where’d it all go?

Of course, we have to have our basic needs met (rent, utilities, food, gas). What about the rest? What do you do with that money?

Do you overspend on hedonic goods? Are you overly adventurous Do you make in-the-moment financial decisions?

If you can’t keep a hold on your money, Money Coaching is right for you. Let me help you reflect and uncover why you have these tendencies. We will work together to create a solid action plan for you to help you slow down, and make practical and rational financial decisions. 

My Approach

Money stress and fear have taken too many of my days. I took a stand and made a conscious decision to not let money dictate my every move. I quickly learned that I couldn’t snap my fingers and make things different. I took a deep dive into my money history, the traumas of my past, and the patterning of my immediate family. It’s taken time, but I healed many broken relationships in my life, including my relationship with money.

I’ve dedicated my career to standing side-by-side with those who feel disempowered by money. I approach this body of work with compassion and non-judgment to assure that people are able to share freely and speak their truths. No one deserves to be a slave to money. Let me help you create a solid foundation and plan to enhance your relationship with money. This work is a journey, not a quick trip, and I look forward to taking this trip alongside you. 

How It Works

Money Type Quiz

Take the Money Type Quiz to learn about the Money Archetypes active in your life, and how they may be influencing your decisions around money.


Your Discovery Call

This is a free strategy session where we review your quiz results and walk through an assessment together to get an idea of your current financial status, and what may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

A Program that Works for You

We will decide to gether the next best steps for you, even if it means creating a program specifically designed for your needs.

Four Week Coaching Package: The Core Process

The Money Coaching Core Process is a diagnostic tool that identifies underlying, and often unknown, positive and challenging patterns, behaviors, and emotions relative to money.

Package Contents:
  • A deep dive into your relationship with financial boundaries, and a full session to begin unpacking and shifting this critical piece in your money journey
  • Unpacking your history with money from childhood to the present day
  • Identifying your positive and challenging patterns
  • Creating a money blueprint of you & your families money patterns
  • Digesting your Money Archetypes and how they appear in your life
  • Creating an action plan to overcome your topmost challenging patterns

The Complete Package

Start with the foundations of the Core Process, then dive into the In-Depth Financial Assessment. Details below:

Package Contents:

The Core Process ( 4 weeks)

In-Depth Financial Assessment (4 sessions):

  • Get financially organized
  • Calculate your net-worth
  • Define and prioritize your S.M.A.R.T financial goals
  • Determine your current cash flow
  • Learn how to track your money
  • Determine your intentional spending plan integrating your goals
  • Brainstorm changes to your financial habits
  • Miscellaneous support as needed

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