In-Depth Financial Assessment + 2 Support Sessions




This option is for you if you are disciplined to put the plan into action quickly and efficiently, but you need some guidance, especially at the beginning.

You receive 2 Financial Assessment sessions (1.5 hr – 2 hrs each), and 2 Support Sessions (1 hr each).

2 Financial Assessment Sessions:

  • Define and prioritize your S.M.A.R.T financial goals
  • Calculate your net-worth
  • Determine your current cash flow
  • Determine your spending/savings plan integrating certain goals
  • Brainstorm possible changes to your financial habits
  • Oral recommendations about the adjustments required to achieve your goals

Following these sessions, you’ll receive:

  • 3 spreadsheets for the above mentioned financial exercises
  • A personalized expense tracking spreadsheet for you to use

2 Support Sessions:

These begin 1 month after the Financial Assessment. We decide together how often you’d like to meet (monthly, bi-weekly, etc).

Support Sessions serve as a motivator to “do the work” because of the accountability that comes with the process. You and I will…

  • Ensure you are on track with implementing the action plan
  • Discuss what is working and what’s not, making necessary adjustments
  • Introduce healthy communication techniques to assist with difficult financial discussions with your spouse or family members


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