Your Journey Starts Here:

Getting set up with the right money beliefs.

The Core Process

This 4-week process is critical for making sustainable change. Without doing the inner work around money, we often sabotage ourselves and our ability to create the life we envision. Read More ->


Core Process

The Money Coaching Core Process is a 4-week diagnostic tool that identifies underlying, and often unknown, positive and challenging patterns, behaviors, and emotions relative to money. It includes 4 sessions where we:


  • Unpack your history with money from childhood to the present day
  • Identify your positive and challenging patterns
  • Creating a money blueprint of you & your families money patterns
  • Dive into your Money Archetypes and how they appear in your life
  • Create an action plan to overcome your challenging patterns with behavioral, emotional, and practical tools 

Working with Claire has been transformational… before having Claire as my money coach, I had significant anxiety and insecurity surrounding all aspects of money. Over the past 5 months while working with Claire, my mindset about money has become much more positive. I have been able to make major behavioral changes allowing me to have more confidence in my ability to manage money and plan for the future.

Claire is incredibly accepting and understanding. She is knowledgeable and meets you where ever you are without judgement. I highly recommend Claire as a money coach for anyone struggling with fears, confusion, and hopelessness when it comes to finances.

Mary D., 2022

Claire showed me that impossible is a mindset, and changing your mindset can really mean changing your life.

Mal S., 2021

Claire is a beautiful, charismatic, energetic, empowering coach and I highly recommend her…to anyone intending to overcome the obstacles in the way of establishing sensible financial boundaries as it relates to financial dependency and co-dependency traits

Kalimah F, 2021

Claire helped me shift my mindset about financial boundaries…She brings caring support with tactical suggestions and how to’s. One of the best coaches/counselors I have ever worked with by far!

Nan A., 2021

Going through her program has given me a solid foundation for understanding how money works; and more importantly, how I work with money. I’m thrilled to be improving steadily, and can’t recommend her enough.

Sam Hayek, 2019

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