I'm Claire Coleman,
Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and founder of my big rich life.

Taking you on a journey of self-discovery and breaking through your hidden money barriers.

Behavioral Money Coaching

In what ways does money limit your ability to live life?

Our relationship with money impacts every aspect of our life. From childhood on, we receive messages about money that often create confusion and roadblocks for us to live the life we truly dream about; a life of true wealth, happiness, and stability. 

As your Money Coach, I work to challenge your existing behaviors, beliefs, and actions relating to work and money that no longer serve you. We work together to create a healthier money mindset and financial well-being. 

What's Your Money Type?

They eight Money Archetypes are present in all of us. 

Take the Money Type Quiz for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your archetypes and what they reveal about your relationship with money.