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Hello! I’m Claire

Certified Money Coach, (CMC)®

I never thought I’d make a lot of money in my life. I expected it and even made decisions for myself which only solidified that path. My upbringing was difficult, and I seriously fell into the “codependent victim” role. By the time I was going to college, I was relieved to be out on my own, but my old patterns and ways set in. My codependency transferred over to my new friendships, I continued to lack confidence, I had a very hard time being social, making friends and spent a lot of time alone in my dorm room watching Youtube videos. In fact, Youtube became an escape from my emotions.

My financial knowledge was non-existent. Aside from the basics, I knew nothing but was willingly allowing myself to go to a horrifyingly expensive school. Why? At the time I would say, “this school is my only option”. Okay, 17-year-old Claire!

I was so lost, but lucky enough to land some amazing counselors and professors that helped me heal from my past. I was slowly letting my “victim” go. I had drive, but no vision or plan. I really let the wind take me where it wanted. This didn’t serve me in many ways, but it landed me into Money Coaching!

Once I worked through my own process with Money Coaching, I realized how frequently I self-sabotaged myself. My relationship with money had more to do with just money – it had to do with my work, life decisions, and even how I communicated with others. I was finally able to pull down my defense walls and see what was really driving me.

To me, money used to mean “necessary to be happy”.

Now, I don’t take money as seriously. Yes, I like it, and money is needed to cover my basic needs, but beyond that, it doesn’t enhance my happiness.

I’ve learned how to become friends with money. We have an understanding, and I’ve decided to make it my life’s mission to help those in all walks of life better their relationship with money. We all deserve to live a life of freedom and true abundance!

My Big Rich Life’s Why:


To hold space for the self-discovery of women that have historically put themselves last. To energize women towards a new self-belief and behaviors around money and themselves. By shifting out of old limiting beliefs, women can step into independence, let go of guilt, shame without emotional or financial limitations. I truly believe that helping women rewire money patterns leads to generational awareness and change.

My Experience & Education

  • Certified Money Coach from the Money Coaching Institute
  • Certified Financial Coach from the Money Coaching Institute
  • Bachelors of Art in Sociology from Chapman University

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