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Behavioral Money Coaching

In what ways does money limit your ability to live life?

Our relationship with money impacts every aspect of our life. From childhood on, we receive messages about money that often create confusion and roadblocks for us to live the life we truly dream about; a life of true wealth, happiness, and stability. 



Your Money History

Uncover your learned patterns and behaviors around money and how they’re active in your life today.

Your Money Blueprint

Create your Money Blueprint; a map of your family’s patterning around money to see how and where you got your traits, habits, and behaviors.

Revamping Habits

Once challenging money patterns are revealed, we create an action plan to help you overcome those patterns and turn them into positive ones!

Your Financial Goals

Define and prioritize your S.M.A.R.T. financial goals (short, medium and long term).

Financial Assessment

Determine your cash flow, net worth, and spending/savings plan. Don’t worry, we do this together! You’ll never be alone in this process…

Your Spending Plan

Receive a personalized expense tracking spreadsheet so you can track your spending going forward and ensure you stay within budget.

Make Your Money a Priority.

I certainly will.


A little about me…

Growing up, the only financial knowledge I gained in my teens was a one-time class in high school where we discussed the difference between debit and credit cards. I’ve quickly learned that this is a similar reality to many, but that it is OK! 

My childhood wasn’t all-that, either. I don’t blame anyone for this, but it created challenges for me in terms of how I viewed and used money. After college, I dedicated my time to work through my past, recognize my faults when it came to money, and commit to consistent work on overcoming them. I now feel empowered and free with my money!

It was time to tackle the missing piece – the practical part! I wasn’t going to let anything hinder me with my new financial freedom, so I put in some extra work and became a Financial Coach! 

Now I spend my time empowering millennials, women, and those who struggling with codependency. 





your call to action…

The Money Type Quiz

The eight Money Types are present in all of us. Take the quiz to see your active Money Archetypes.

Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss your archetypes and what they reveal about your relationship with money! We can also have an initial financial assessment.

Love Your Money!

Find the package that’s right for you! It’s time for you to love your money and yourself!

Testimonials & Community

Going through her program has given me a solid foundation for understanding how money works; and more importantly, how I work with money. I’m thrilled to be improving steadily, and can’t recommend her enough.

Sam Hayek, 2019

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